MEDCHEM LABS aims to be one of the best among the leading manufacturers of various APIs & their intermediates of different classes across the globe. Combined with the advantage of location and a team comprising experienced scientists and qualified professionals, MEDCHEM has robust infrastructure and excellent technical strengths, capable of manufacturing a wide range of bulk drugs & their intermediates of different classes for the highly demanding Pharma and Medical segments.

As part of the company’s strategy to formulate new products, a continuous process of research and development is undertaken at Medchem by expert scientists while the quality and integrity of every product is ensured by our regulatory team as per international Pharmacopeia standards and specifications. We intend to forge alliances with multinationals in Asia-Pacific, USA, Europe who have evinced keen interest in the company. At Medchem, we are committed towards achieving and maintaining global good by safeguarding our environment, our people and community through best-of-breed practices and ensuring compliance with all regulatory bodies.


  • To carve a niche among the top ten APIs & API-Intermediates manufacturers in India by 2025.

  • To develop and deliver cost effective APIs / Intermediates through continuous research, development and innovative improvements in manufacturing processes while complying with International Pharmacopoeia standards / specifications

  • Superior product characteristics
  • Robust logistic supportc
  • Resourceful and Capable
  • Prototype development/ scale-up/ process optimization
  • Stability studies & reports
  • Product development report

  • Quality and characterization of bulk drugs pertaining to API industry
  • Analytical development
  • Product development strategy evaluation
  • Lab scale development
  • Development of products & subsequent grading

Our Clients

MedChem Labs Corporate Brochure

Medchem Labs is one of the leading manufacturers of APIs & API-Intermediates located near Hyderabad, the pharma hub of India. Our operational team comprises highly qualified and experienced scientists, chemical engineers and management professionals.